Arctic Transport is a rail system on Trekar 12 going through all the polar landscapes on that planet. It was established in 79 P.R.E. The Council of Trekars hopes to expand it to slightly warmer climates in the near future.


Before 79 P.R.E, transportation in the cold parts of Trekar 12 was incredibly low. 2 Trekarians, Hardel and Jansen Longhan had got the idea of a railway system to boost transportation. The next year, Arctic Transport was up and running with only 2 rails. In 87, it was upgraded to 4. In 94, Hardel died by unknown causes and not too long after Jansen was run over by one of the Arctic Transport trains. By 473 P.R.E. Arctic Transport had 127 rails. In 580 P.R.E. Arctic Transport will be expanded to warmer climates.