AugmentCorp was founded by Samuel Larks, a Paragon. His innovative business strategies and amazing products made AugmentCorp one of the most successful companies in history, with an annual profit exceeding the total wealth of most countries.


AugmentCorp is the leading producer of Bioware Enhancements. These range from the popular and cheap built-in com port, to the elite and expensive full body enhancement. With a range of products available for every price range, everyone is in the target the audience. Learning modules, intended primarily for you children, made book learning obsolete.

A major factor in AugmentCorp's success was the consistently high-quality of their products. Every product comes with a lifetime+ guarantee. There are only 3 documented cases where the warranty was needed, and even then it was for minor alignment issues.

Ad CampaignsEdit

AugmentCorp ran a series of ads in its early years, before it became widespread. Some have tried to slander them by pointed out that they re-used old slogans whose trademarks had lapsed, while others believe that this is part of its genius. In any case, they do have a few original slogans.

  • Is is in you?
  • Just do it
  • Got Bioware?
  • Feel the knowledge, feel the power
  • Live in tomorrow, today
  • Live better
  • Better living through better people
  • Welcome to the future of YOU

The last is by far their most successful slogan, which they use to this day.


Once a multi-trillion dollar company wants something to happen, it generally does. They made considerable contributions to space travel research. Many of their products are what made Interstellar travel as practical as it is. Of course, their most obvious influence is on the spread of Bioware.