Billm Smitm is the most notable president of Saturm. He was elected president on 499 PRE and still president. He is entirely against AugmentCorp, making Saturm an anti-AugmentCorp planet.

Early LifeEdit

As a child, Billm always picked on his older brother Paum, but was always picked on by his older sister, Pattm. He was neutral towards his younger hermaphrodite sibling, Alem. He was born on 430 PRE in Nem Yorm Citm, Nem Yorm. Early on, Billm showed signs of obedience. He also seemed to like Classicam music. When he was 6, he attended Johm Eddisom Elementarm, where he was always a straight-C student. At the age of 12, it was discovered Billm was alot smarter than he seemed. He then disappeared until 37 when he ran for president.

Presidental LifeEdit

Upon becoming president, Billm changed the planet from a monarchy to a democracy. He hasn't actually done much else, but lower taxes and turn Saturm against AugmentCorp, but he's notable for the first and last reasons nonetheless. He is suspected to resign in 584 PRE.