The Birch Boat Magistrate was an experimental music group formed -8 PRE. A six-man group specializing in Nu-Elektra and Folk-Hop music, they remained obscure for years, kept going by very modest song sales and donations. During that time they were noted for their unusual dedication toward live performances, rather than the much more common holoperformances. The group consisted of Ataro Nakajima, Kirk Austrelitz, Agatha Fullilove, Isaac Mandela, Akemi Shi, and Jason Wu.

Rise to FameEdit

Around -3 PRE, the group was picked up by the inner ring of the Blogosphere. Literally seconds later, millions of surfers had descended upon music download sites to pick up their songs. The band remained quite popular for the next three years, although their greatest spike in fame was during Archendel Hamsor's rescue.


The group was, according to luteist Ataro Nakajima, who later went on to support Archendel Hamsor's campaign, practicing for a performance backstage in one of the auditoria of Trinity Hall. Archendel Hamsor, who was at that time was doing research on nanotube-based gravitronic wave circuity in a rented lab six doors down, noticed an unusual gravity flux with an epicenter very nearby. Hamsor realized that this meant an anomaly was forming, and seized the initiative to warn everybody in range about the disaster and get them out of the area. Seconds later, the anomaly collapsed and replaced a 200-meter bubble of spacetime previously containing the stage with an equal-sized bubble of hard vaccuum. Hamsor was able to leverage the fame generated from this event to spread awareness of the anomalies.


The group broke up around 0 PRE, during the chaos of the VLHC disaster. The group never truly got back together- three were killed in the aftermath of the ALICE II disaster, one went on to join another group, and two joined Archendel Hamsor to promote understanding of the Rift. Although Isaac Mandela was eventually killed during an aid tour on Terraprime, Ataro Nakajima lived until 71 PRE as Professor of Music at Hamsor College.


Archendel Hamsor, Rift Anomaly, Hamsor College