Definition - CAMPEREdit




a person who camps out for recreation, esp. in the wilderness.


a person who attends a summer camp or day camp.


Also called pickup camper, truck camper. a trucklike vehicle, van, or trailer that is fitted or suitable for recreational camping, or a pickup truck on which a structure fitted for camping is mounted.


(Slang) A very problematic individuals who enjoy shooting for sport and are particularly attracted to Amber flows, such as that of the Amber Camp where campers could shoot at "embodiments" for a kill count score. Jimmy "The Beanz" Heinze was the first and only camper to achieve a kill count of 500 at the Amber Camp and went on to hit an all high count of 530 before he ran out of ammo.

–verb (used without object)


to travel and live in a vehicular camper: "We're going to camper for two weeks during our vacation."


(Slang) - To stay in one place in order to inrease ones kill count: "Going down to camper some deer for a bit. Going for 10 today."