The Council of Trekars is the governing body of the Thirteen Worlds of Trekar, though their influence is most strongly felt on Trekar 12 and Trekar 11. The council is composed of representatives from each planet in the Thirteen Worlds and one ruling impartial entity from beyond the system. Representatives are elected on a tri-yearly basis, although given the differing length of years on the different planets, this means that some representatives stay in office for far longer than others. Most notably, the single representative from tiny Trekar 1 is reelected so frequently that when the Council convenes, it is considered more practical to have the entire population present so that they can rotate the position among themselves as the meeting goes on. Since Trekar 1 has never had a population count higher than six, this is less cumbersome than it might initially sound.

The ruling entity is a somewhat controversial position, since rather than being elected, the entity is kidnapped randomly from some distant planet, then held in captivity for the duration of the term, which is generally the entity's natural lifespan. The Trekars believe that this is the only way to ensure impartiality. To compensate for this treatment, the entity is given 50% veto power over the rest of the council, is allowed to set the agenda for meetings, and is treated to a life of utmost luxury. The current entity is one Michiel Santhers, kidnapped from Europa Colony I in 551 PRE.

Though previous generations of Councilmembers have been called upon to make difficult decisions that shaped the future of all Thirteen Worlds, the current council faces issues no more dramatic than whether it will be possible to expand the Arctic Transport system of Trekar 12 to sub-arctic regions.

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