Demolecularization Ray

Demolecularization is the process by which the molecules of an object are separated from each other, causing it to dissolve. Demolecularization has been quite widely used since it was first developed, due to its relatively easy application.


Demolecularization is generally used to refer to the process by which molecules are separated from one another. This often results in whatever is on the receiving end to be dissolved, with only one recorded exception (see Randell Research Institute Disaster). It is also known to cause extreme pain in living organisms, although this can be diminished through application of anesthetics.



Demolecularization has proven very useful in the medical field. It singlehandedly changed the way cancer was treated, allowing tumors to be instantly demolecularized. It is also one of the most precise cutting tools available when concentrated into a pinpoint laser beam.

Waste HandlingEdit

Demolecularization is the most efficient method of removing waste to date. With the inception of demolecularization as a form of waste removal, burning wastes was banned to prevent further atmospherical damage. Demolecularization was also developed as an alternative to cremation, and is widely used by space hoppers traveling between colonies, as they have little room to spare for anything not necessary to survival.


Demolecularization is most commonly used as a form of weaponry. Demolecularization rays are cheap to manufacture and can be made as small as a 6mm pistol. The first demolecularization weapon was the C7 Dissolver Rifle. Demolecularization has also been put to use in torture, although it is now banned from being used in such a way by a special clause in the Geneva Convention. Demolecularization has been put to use in barriers as well, resulting in a field which will dissolve anything placed inside it. Unlabeled demolecularization fields are illegal and can result in up to 20 years in prison. If the field was uncovered through damages caused, the penalty is a life sentence in prison.

Role in the Holocaust DosEdit

Demolecularization was commonly used in the Holocaust Dos in much the same way gassing chambers were used in the ancient Holocaust. They were reportedly preferred as they left, "...little to no traces of any acts to which ill-informed minds might object..." This widespread usage nearly resulted in universal banning of demolecularization; however, this was vetoed by a vast majority.

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Article by Cathak Gulichu