Post-Rift-Era CalendarEdit

To nurture the creation of a database that will be of use to all beings, the Encyclopedants-- key editors, and instigators of the effort -- are taking certain measure s to ensure that some regional variations are normalized to canonical systems. One of the regional variations that the Encyclopedants have felt it foremost nescessary to address is that of dates and times. What this mmeans to scholars is that when you submit entries that contain dates and times in a regional system, you will be asked (if we can get a message back to you) to provide them instead in the Rift Era calendar. It is the aim of this notice to define that calendar, and provide you with tips on the conversion. Should it be impossible for you to be contacted, the Encyclopedants will take up the changes themselves, attempting to provide normalizations when possible, and omitting dates otherwise.

The Post-Rift-Era CalendarEdit

The P.R.E. Calendar is based on years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. The second is the duration of 9,192,631,770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the Cesium-133 atom. There are sixty seconds to a minute, sixty minutes to an hour, twenty-four hours to a day (which is the time Terraprime takes to rotate on its axis), seven days to a week, and three-hundred-sixty-five-and-one-quarter days to a year (which is the time Terraprime takes to complete an orbit). A month is a period of time equal to 1/12 of a year, or approximately 30 days.

The epoch for the P.R.E. Calendar, i.e. 0 PRE, is based on the date that the VLHC was first switched on, in the latter half of the 21st Century Gregorian. The date in which the encyclopedia is written is 562 P.R.E.; in the event that you need to refrence dates prior to 0 PRE, the syntax for doing so is to use a negative number for the amount of years. Note that -1 PRE is the year before the creation of the Rift. It is expected that the first round of definitions for the twenty six letters of the alphabet will take one Terraprime year to complete, and hence the next time we call for definitions of words beginning with "A" is predicted to occur at the start of 563 PRE.

To identify a month, use the year followed by a slash followed by the number of the month. Likewise, for a day, use the year followed by a slash followed by the number of the month followed by another slash followed by the day. Example: the fifth day of the seventh month of -20 P.R.E would be written as -20/7/5 P.R.E. For the names of individual months and days, consult the Gregorian Calendar (on which the P.R.E Calendar is based).

Timeline of TerraprimeEdit

In order to aid scholars' abilities to convert their regional dates into PRE, this table should keep track of the timeline. It will be a painstaking and laborious process, but it should enable scholars to more easily research the PRE date for events that they describe. The timeline is as follows:

Date Event
-43 PRE First Human colony, the Contained Orbital Habitat, built in Terraprime orbit.
-33 PRE First Lunaprime colony, Selene I, built.
-27 PRE Birth of Archendel Hamsor
-21 PRE First Aresprime colony, Heinlein Base, constructed.
-27 PRE Nuclear Ban instantiated
-8 PRE Birch Boat Magistrate formed
-6 PRE Cargo National left to Isaac Simmons by his late father
-3 PRE Energy Crisis becomes a serious concern
-3 PRE Birch Boat Magistrate rises to fame
-2 PRE Archendel Hamsor saves the Birch Boat Magistrate
-2 PRE Aresprime declares independence, starting the Interrupted War
-2/05/21 PRE Cargo National, ASC, Rick & Sons Shippers, FEDEX, IRISL, and COSCO merge to become Cargo United
5 PRE Discovery of Lazarus Ore temporarily relieves world of Energy Crisis
5/09/11 Inter-Rift Space named Dementia
8 PRE Resettlement of Terraprime begins
10/3/6 PRE AugmentCorp Founded
12 PRE Conditions on Terraprime brought back to stability
16/8/17 PRE First bioware enhancement
18 PRE Hamsor College Founded
23/7 PRE Duffer Pirate scandal begins
71 PRE Ataro Nakajima dies
79 PRE Arctic Transport Founded
84 PRE Arctic Transport upgraded to four rails
94 PRE Hardel and Jansen Longhan die
109 PRE Rabbithole Express Rift Travel Founded (Note: nonhumans were part of society by this point, but were very rare)
111 PRE Cargo United expands into Contra-Terraside markets
124 PRE Great Riftway Bust
129 PRE Rabbithole Express renamed Alice Express
141 PRE Pro-Gideon alliance is revealed to have been behind ALICE II.
362 PRE Benefactor Appeared
365 PRE Golden Age Begins
408/1/1 PRE The Downfall begins
408/1/15 PRE The Immediate Aftermath of the Downfall ends.
438 PRE "Paranoid" colonies reestablish contact with Confederacy, end of the Splintering, creation of ICR begins
551 PRE Michael Santhiers kidnapped from Europa Colony I to become ruler of the Council of Trekars.
473 PRE Arctic Transport upgraded to 127 rails
499 PRE Billm Smitm elected president of Saturm
562 PRE The Paratemporal Council Of Definitive Meta-Historical Chronicling announces first call for 'A' entries